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#Because travel is life

Do you thrive on adventure?

Guesta Travel Manifesto

Are you always looking ahead, never back?

We are travelers at heart and daydream with passion about our next destination and our upcoming adventures. As soon as we can, we are off again ready to embrace the world that lies before us. Sound familiar?

We like to think that the unexpected journey and embracing the uncertainty of the unknown is what makes the experience unforgettable. It helps us to become more rounded a person, to become a better person at heart. Our journey offers the chance to change people too, we can impact perceptions of the people we meet along the way for the good of the entire world. We see ourselves as global citizens of the world who are as one with each other.

At Guestå we want to invite you to a global party. One where you can move freely in the world and see what life is all about.

Don’t make excuses, jump in and go for it!

We believe in the pursuit of happiness through creativity

We use our resources for the benefit of others

We embrace the fact that we are all real people with dreams

We believe in the pursuit of happiness through creativity

We embrace our differences and celebrate what unites us

When you are out of your comfort zone, you learn who you are